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How do you feel about risk and your pension? Join our survey!

Do you want high or low risk with your pension money? Let us know and take part in the survey.

How do you feel about taking risk with your pension money? Do you want to take a lot of risk or a little risk? This is what CRH Pension Fund would like to hear from you. Therefore, take part in this survey. If you take part, you will have a chance of winning a 25 euro gift voucher.

How much risk are you willing to take?
Together with your employer, you pay (or paid) premium each month for your pension. CRH Pension Fund invests all that money together. This is because investing usually yields more than saving. But investing also means a risk of loss. Investing without risk is impossible. We can minimise that risk. But the less risk you take with investments, the smaller the chance of (big) profits.

Our investments take into account your wishes and those of your (former) colleagues. That is why we ask for your opinion with this survey.

How do you participate in the survey?

  1. Go to
    or scan the QR-code:

  2. Log in with your password provided in your personal letter
  3. Complete the questionnaire before coming 8 July

Who conducts the survey?
Consultancy firm Sprenkels conducts the survey. Sprenkels processes your answers completely anonymously. Your personal data will only be used for the survey. Upon completion of the survey, all personal data will be destroyed.

Research results
When the research is completed, we will report this on our website.

Do you still have questions?
You can call 020 - 3045145 or send an e-mail to