Pension plan as of 1 January 2021

CRH has a collective defined contribution scheme (CDC scheme).
This means that your employer pays a fixed premium to the pension
fund. You also pay premium yourself.

CRH Pensioenfonds strives to grant an annual pension accrual of
1.875% of the pension base, equal to the fiscal maximum. The annual
pension accrual is funded by the pension premium that the employer
and employees jointly pay to the pension fund.

Because the market interest rate has been structurally low recently,
the pension fund is expected to receive less interest in the future.
Therefore, the premium is no longer sufficient to grant the pension
accrual of 1.875%. The accrual percentage for 2021 is therefore
reduced to 1,35%. At the beginning of 2022, the Board will again
assess whether the fixed premium is sufficient to pay for the intended
pension accrual.  

More information about your pension scheme
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